Convertible Dress/Skirt

 This printed midi dress is both a skirt and a dress in one move! The printed wrap skirt can be easily transformed into an amazing midi dress. There are many ways to wear it, please improvise! Made from a flowy silky satin, has ties on both sides to wrap it around you and a frill on the lower part that gives an extra move to the whole look! The signature print elevates the garment! Wear it with everything from a matching top, to a bikini top or a bodysuit. Our wardrobes are often divided into “work” and “casual” but The KNLs creates versatile pieces that can be worn for both, and a variety of other occasions, too.

As a Skirt: wrap it around you according to your body type. It has extra width to fit you! You can either show your leg or make it look more conservative.

As a Dress: Tie it as one shoulder dress, lifting one band on your shoulder and the other wrap it around your waist. You can also tie both bands on the back of your neck and put a belt for a fashion-forward statement.

100% silk

Made in Greece