Black Leather Choker with Clear Quartz Crystals

Bold & delicate, this choker reflects your best attributes. Feel balanced & confident with the perfect intersection between light playfulness & serious industriousness. Hand-stitched smooth leather tube on one side & textured leather sequins on the other. With a vitreous lustre, clear quartz helps declutter the mind, body & spirit to create clarity & focus around a desire. Amplify your inner power to live, laugh & love to your fullest potential. WAIWAI’s chokers are the softest, lightest, most comfortable chokers you will ever wear. With absolutely no resistance against your neck, you may forget its presence. No clasp means choker can be worn with the opening at the front. Flexes easily to put on & adjusts to neck size.

Materials genuine leather, clear quartz, stainless steel memory wire & grommet. Sequin size 8 mm

Made in Canada